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Making the most out of Orlando:

If you are heading to Orlando, Florida with your family you are going to have so many more activities available to you than just the traditional trip to Disneyland. Although many family’s are drawn to Orlando and its magical world of fun and excitement, with a little more investigation into the area, families can explore its many other opportunities and make their entire trip to Orlando a magical trip without the aid of Disney.

A growing attraction for families and tourists in general, is MGM studios, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT. All of these attractions are build much like Disney to be theme parks based on their titles that can provide hours of entertainment both because of all the sites they have to see, and because of the rides that they all offer. For the little budding scientist, the experimental prototype theme of EPCOT is true to attract, while the young animal lover will love touring the safari section of the Animal Kingdom as they can drive through the safari plains with wild animals coming up to eat directly out of their hands.

There is no need to make your children pick between attractions if you book ahead and buy a multi day vacation pack, simply explore one section a day so that everybody gets to see what they want. Your children are going to remember their vacation for the rest of their lives if you make sure you hit the areas that must fit your children. You might give them a little homework before their trip in which they have to look through material they can find on online, or depending on their ages, you can provide them. Make it each children’s job to find the number one area they want to visit, so that there will be no fighting once you get to Orlando as they understand each of them will get a day to explore the places they most want to go to.

After leaving the Disney area, you will find you are out of the Magic Kingdom, but not outside out the magic. You still have Universal studios and Island of Adventure to explore. If you want to limit your amusement park visits to just one, you can pass on Universal studios for next year and visit traditional water parks such as Gatorland and SeaWorld so your children can learn about wildlife in an educational manner.

You may want to check out nearby Winter Park so that your children can get some running time and playtime for their overactive imaginations as they swing by the bars of the playground gym that is one of the most famous playgrounds in the United States.

If your children are older, the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art of the Orlando Science Center may offer you fun but educational information and exhibits that feature stunning stained glass pieces and the many scientific wonders that exist in the world bottled up and presented to children in a view they can understand and comprehend.

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