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Orlandoís yearly annual events calendar is jam packed!

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If you have picked the dates for your Orlando vacation, one of the first things you are going to want to do is check at what yearly events land on your vacation so that you can participate in the fun if you are lucky enough to have luckily planned your vacation while the Bach festival or Zora Neal Hurston Festival is happening, if cultural events are your pleasure. These are just two events out of hundreds that occur yearly in Orlando that you may want to correlate your vacation with if you take the time to make sure you check out a yearly event calendar before booking. In case you wanted to know, the Bach fest is in Feb. and Hurston festival in Jan.

One of the great things about Orlando is that since it is in an area that experiences ear round summers, there is almost always something happening no matter what time of year you go in. Even more captivating, is the way these events range from a college football bowl (Capital One Bowl on New Years) to the widely known and publicized Florida Film Fest in March (highlights the best indie films between Sundance and Cannes) to Aprilís only in Orlando Marshmallow Drop in which a helicopter literally drops thousands of marshmallows children collect to exchange for candy later.

Only in Orlando can raindrops literally turn to candy filled lemon drops like the old fifties song, and thatís half the fun of knowing all the crazy fun events that occur every year in Orlando. Although most of them you will not plan your vacation around, it does not hurt to slide your vacation up a week or back a week to hit a fun filled weekend activity that has caught your eye. (The child in you may presently be screaming for April).

More notable events in which its fun to be in Orlando is the two decade old tradition of hosting a Mardi Gras festival known as Orlando Carnival to celebrate Memorial day weekend and welcome in another summer of fun and exciting travels. Also fun for the whole family, and an event you are not likely to see replicated anywhere else, is the Celebrity Mascot Games during the last weekend in July when over 30 mascots from all professional sporting leagues come together to compete, in costume, in stunts and games that are set up to be a Mascot mini-Olympics. How great can Slider from the Indians slide? Find out in June.

For real athletes, and not just the mascot variety, Florida also hosts the Miracle Mile 15k run to benefit the Arnold Palmer hospital in September which may be a great attraction for a qualifying marathon winner. For the more cultured traveler who prefers to taste grand cuisine and wine, they may choose to plan their vacation from October-November so they can check out the International Food and Wine Festival in Epcot.

Actually, the real problem with planning a trip to match an event in Orlando is not so much what is happening, but which event to aim for!

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