Orlando, Kissimmee, and Central Florida Dining, Restaurants, Bars, Eateries, Bistros, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast
Orlando, Kissimmee, and Central Florida  Dining, Restaurants, Bars, Eateries, Bistros, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast

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If you are staying in Orlando, the last thing on your mind is probably where you are going to stop and eat, but after a long day full of excitement no matter where you are, you are going to want a place to kick back and relax your feet, and then, you will have to consider all of the possibilities of dining in Orlando.

While you can always pick up traditional amusement park food throughout the day, because letís face it, nothing tastes better then park pretzels and dippiní dots, you will want to eat something more substantial if you are going to have the fuel to continue on through an action packed evening. Thereís so much to do in Orlando you wonít want to go to sleep! This is exactly why you will need something to keep your body moving along with your racing mind.

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There are opportunities to eat nearly every imaginable type of cuisine in Orlando, as it is a tourist town that strives to accommodate even the pickiest eaters. For familyís there are many Disney themed restaurants that ought to add a certain spice and enthusiasm for finishing their meal of fires and chicken nuggets, and if you choose wisely, even the nuggets will probably be Disney characters from one of your childrenís favorite movies.

However, if you are looking for a nice relaxing adult dinner after your day of childish fun and thrills, you can also choose from among French, American, Italian, International, Seafood and Steakhouse dinners. The question often becomes what do you want to eat in Orlando, instead of where you want to eat because you canít get anywhere fast until you know the answer to that question.

One place you will have to check out if you love seafood is the Flying Fish Cafť as you canít possibly be this close to the Ocean and not taste the fine delicious offerings of the sea. Located at the Walt Disney World Boardwalk Resort, the Flying Fish offers you a wide variety of fish from its famed red snapper to crabs and scallops. At an average of $15-30 dollars a meal, it may be a little splurge for a family of four, but donít forget while you eat you can virtually treat the restaurant as a museum exhibit as well with the wide variety of roller coaster mementos from the old Flying Fish ride in the Disney park.

For a romantic ending to a day shared by couples who are moonlight their years together, or for the couple who is on their honeymoon, the Le Coq Au Vin is an a lovely restaurant that is keen on offering up classy dishes for a reasonable price. If you are looking for authentic cuisine that is a treat while you are on vacation, this is the best location in Orlando to find it. You will have to travel outside the resorts to Orange Ave to dine, but you will find that your trip was well worth it once you sample the first taste of your meal.

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