Orlando, Kissimmee, and Central Florida Shopping, Orlando Disney stores, Mall at Millenia and Festival bay at International Drive, City Walk, Festival Bay Mall, Outdoor World or Bass Pro Shops

Orlando, Kissimmee, and Central Florida  Shopping, Disney stores, Mall at Millenia and Festival bay at International Drive, City Walk, Festival Bay Mall, Outdoor World or Bass Pro Shops

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Chances are if you are planning your vacation in Orlando you didnít worry about finding places in Orlando to shop, but in making sure you save enough money to visit everywhere and purchase everything you will want to take home with you. Everywhere you turn in this Disney dominated town, you are going to find trinkets you want to take home no matter what age you are. The truly magical thing about vacationing in this Disney city, is that your inner child is going to be awakened at every turn since almost everyone alive now has been watching Disney since they were born in one shape or another.

Outside of the Disney stores, and other theme park stores, there are still a plethora of stores waiting to be discovered by you and your plastic. If you start walking through the town, it is easy to start to forget about your all day passes choosing instead to stay in the shopping centers located throughout Orlando. Thatís the problem with Orlando, every where you stop you will want to spend your duration of the trip there, making it hard to cover as much ground as you had wished.

With the spirit of shopping, you should consider this as well, and try not to hit up every major shopping area, but concentrate on the areas that seem like they have the most to offer you, as you could easily spend your whole vacation on shopping alone! Orlando offers visitors not only massive discount centers, but art galleries and upscale specialty shops only found within the Orlando city limits.

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A few of the must see shopping malls, regardless of if you plan to spend are the Mall at Millenia and Festival bay at International Drive. The Mall at Millenia is simple exquisite both in design and in the prime fashion labels they house and display for the tourists to come visit. In fact, while inside you may feel more as if you are in a fashion museum than in a shopping mall as the beauty of the fashion designs, although being off-limits for purchase to the average tourists, are the pinnacle of the fashion world and the clothes and designs are breathtaking.

The great thing about the other Mall mentioned earlier, the Festival Bay Mall, is that not only may you actually be able to afford some of the items, but many of the specialty stores are only located in Orlando, even though you many have heard of them. For example you may have heard of or receiver the Outdoor World or Bass Pro Shop magazines, but at Festival bay, you can actually walk right into the pages of the magazines and see the items up close instead of simply on the printed page. This can be a marvel to the many people across the US who has been faithful followers of the companies for years and an opportunity not to miss while staying in Orlando.

The bottom line, is that if you are staying in Orlando, it would be black magic if you decided to skip the many, many shopping centers it has.

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